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Fun-Tastic Field Day


Fun-Tastic Field Day is a professionally produced team building package designed for serious, yet silly outdoor fun. We call it "The Big Game Experience"- and big it is. Fun-Tastic Field Day needs lots of space. You provide the playing field and the participants and we take care of the rest.

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Fun-Tastic Field Day has been designed by team builders with professionals in mind. One call allows us to take care of your details and plan for your Fun-Tastic event. If we are unfamiliar with your location, we would be happy to assess its' suitability with a personal visit.


The Fun-Tastic Field Day Field of Play stands out. It's bordered by multi-colored flags, marked off with bright orange cones and anchored by our "BIG GREEN MONSTER" scoreboard, our Olympic style torch, our command center tent and our award stands that are used for openning and closing ceremonies. The entire event is emceed by your Fun-Tastic Fun Master assisted by our very own Fun-Tastic Facilitators that help coach and maximize the performance of the competitors.


Fun-Tastic Field Day matches up to 6 teams in head to head competition. The featured events combine both traditional and unique contests serious enough to keep score but light enough that every participant can handle the challenge. No athletic skill is required for this hilarious series of events!


Fun-Tastic Field Day is a full-featured team building package including two hours of games and an additional two hours of high energy music played by one of our entertaining deejays.

Other features of this complete team building package include:

  • The Fun-Tastic Day Touch, lit at the beginning of the competition by the competitor of your choice.
  • The "Big Green Monster" scoreboard, provides up to the minute scores.
  • A festive atmosphere with flags bordering the field of play and bright orange cones lining the lanes, providing a totally organized and exciting BIG GAME feel!
  • Awards stands and medals allowing us to salute the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

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